Air Conditioning, Cold Room, Mechanical Ventilation,Refrigeration suppliers/Contractors in Kenya and East Africa. We provide customer maintenance on commercial cold rooms to ensure that food is kept at optimum temperatures for freshness and safety with target of both local and export industries. Our area of target will is a vast range from domestic to industrial.

Air conditioning units need occasional preventive maintenance to keep them operating efficiently and smoothly mostly at every quarter year or three times in a year. There are other important benefits of maintaining your air conditioning unit regularly. The going green global trend has seen an increase in demand for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems in Kenya that are not only energy efficient and cost effective but also environment friendly to all.

We remain people oriented, credible and royal to our cause of improving the quality of peoples lives by
engaging superiority in resource and competence, in knowledge and information and superiority in to
development of new product. We have among the most experienced technicians who work under supervision
of professional Experienced Engineers equipped with required knowledge in the industry.


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