About Us


To lead in the profession of Automobile refrigeration Ice banks, Coldstore, Air-conditioning, Air Driers and
Ventilation in supplying, servicing, repairing and installation. We Strive to achieve these by constant research,
invention and innovation of quality and affordable world-class products to our customers.


To deliver our commitment timely to our customers satisfaction, improvement of peoples lives and
beneficial results to the society by providing quality services and product. We are looking forward to be
excellent leading organization in the refrigeration field.


We remain people oriented, credible and royal to our cause of improving the quality of peoples lives by
engaging superiority in resource and competence, in knowledge and information and superiority in to
development of new product. We have among the most experienced technicians who work under supervision
of professional Experienced Engineers equipped with required knowledge in the industry.

About Sumastar Enterprises Air Condition Repair & Installation Services in Kenya

Sumastar Enterprises provides personalized refrigeration and air conditioning services to the world’s largest food and drink exhibitions, corporate clients and supermarket retailers.

Our operations cover the east African region and as well as the world. Since its inception, the company has built up an impressive list of clients in Kenya and East Africa, with whom a healthy relationship has been cultivated effectively making them to repeatedly do business with us.

Some of these clients range from different diversities including:- Automotive Air Conditioning Sumastar Enterprises is not limited to just providing Professional refrigeration and air conditioning services in Kenya and East Africa but also offers other range of products and services in the the industry that include: Our mission is to design, install, service, and maintain cost effective, customized modern refrigeration and air conditioning services to all our clients at affordable prices. Our vision is to be more creative, understand and more customers focused thus developing a long and healthy working relationship.